A visit to Milano


Early this March, just a week after Fashion Week, I went to Milano to get a boost of city energy. Milano is three hours by car from our home in Switzerland.  My traveling partners: husband and three year old daughter. Weather: pouring rain. Did this stop us from having a good time? Of course not! Here are the inspiring things that I discovered whilst our three day excursion…

First of all a picture of me in our simple, yet typical Italian city hotel room.


Here are some inspirational depictions of the inside of the Chiesa di San Maurizio al Monastero Maggiore.

image image

To see how old architectural and religious relics can influence fashion, check out Dolce & Gabbana’s Winter 2014 Collection.Another one to look at for the architectural perspective is Valentino’s Spring/Summer 2013 Haute Couture collection

The Duomo di Milano…more inspirational material…


Enough of the monumental things! Now, before we embark on a window shopping spree in pouring rain with a three year old, we shall make a stop at Peck’s, which is a fine food delicatessen and wine bar located at Via C. Cantu. We had a light lunch there while the child slept, and looked around at some of their creations. The first are huge owls made of chocolate, and the second is their shop window: marzipan depiction of  Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Tea Party.

image image

Back on foot, we make our way to Via Pietro Verri, where Tom Ford has his amazing five-storey boutique filled with amazing things. Here are some pictures of the windows.

image image

Followed by a dress from the boutique across the street…sorry…I forgot who…I was so enraptured by Tom’s shop, that I had a momentary lapse of memory. But this dress is amazing, none-the-less:


Arriving on the Via Montenapoleone, THE high fashion street of Milano, we immediately bump eye-to-eye with an italian fashion institution: you guessed it….GUCCI! With a fabulous boutique and bright windows, here is one of the several looks they had displayed.


I might add that Prada also had a marvelous window and beautiful collection of pieces with abstract flowers…am sorry to have not taken pictures of it…I was too crazy looking at the Etro window of springtime glory:


Now, here is a designer that I didn’t know, most likely because her only store is in Milano: Simonetta Ravizza. She displayed an absolutely lovely collection of black and white motives as well as a warm-toned collection of fiery reds and animal prints. Worth the visit if you are there:


I love jewelry and Italy happens to be the place to buy it if your pocketbook can fork it out. Bulgari‘s lovely store displayed my favorite watch from the Serpenti collection in multiple variations:


Another of Italy’s most famous fashion houses is Armani, who’s boutique on the Via Montenapoleone and his hotel and concept store at the end of the street make a grand impression on those who love all things beautiful. Pictured here are shoes and evening bag from the boutique and a music amplifier for an iPhone as seen in the concept store:

image image)

If you love shoes and Choos, then you will go gaga for Giuseppe Zanotti. Absolutely amazing shoes, my favorites being a snake-like stiletto…enjoy….

image image

Pucci, the most iconic designer for prints (famous in the 1960’s), displayed beautiful colored fans with the sleek creations:


And, not to be overlooked, some venetian glass for you to love


The following day, with not much time on our hands due to an excessive amount of wine the evening before at Boccondivino which caused us to sleep in later than expected, we hurried back down town to go to the Galleria (which is covered and safe for rainy days). On our way there I stopped off at Pellini– a company famous for their beautiful resin jewelry designs. Please note that these are snapshots of their business cards, and not of my own artwork

image image

If there is one thing that I love, it is boutiques that have treasures in them. One such place is Vigano, located in the Galleria in the heart of Milan. Vigano has been around since 1919 and was a main supplier of beads and crystals to the fashion world. Now they have a boutique and sell a myriad of sparkly ornate things. I bought a ring while I was there in hommage to spring and the wonderful world of fashion.

image image image

Following this treasure hunt, it was time for us to make our way home. On this note I would like to recommend a few handy travel guides: Trip Advisor City Guides, an amazing app for the iPhone that also works offline. HG2: A Hedonist’s guide to…: a wonderful travel app with insider tips for a more extravagant visit. Go to the App store to load them on your phone or iPad.

Milano is a city worth visiting many many times. I hope you also get a chance to go there and discover your own special treasures!

Looking forward to the next city report,


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