Why this blog?

I love cities. I love the flourishing madness, the diversity and the liveliness. The traditional and the exotic sides inspire me. When I wake up in the morning while visiting a city, the first thing I want to do is get outside and begin exploration.

I love fashion. I have lived, worked and breathed fashion my whole life. I walked it down runways, posed for it in pictures, studied it, made it, sold it to people and, most importantly: dressed myself in it. But fashion for me is more than just the clothing: fashion is in everything from food and fitness to travel and literature. It is everywhere, especially in larger cities.

A move to the swiss countryside, a small town world, has changed the way I live in many ways: fashion has taken a backseat for many reasons. Daily routines set in: jeans and t-shirts, mud-worthy shoes and wind-stopper parkas replace pencil skirts with silk blouses, high heels and chic leather jackets. Uber-long hair, dry stubby fingernails and Chapstick overtake chic hairstyles, make-up, manicured hands and lipgloss. At the time of this writing, my daughter is three and a half. I think that explains everything.

Life in a small town world is not all bad. Stress levels are greatly reduced, the air is clean, there is vast amounts of space and there are stars in the sky. Friendships become more tightly knit because time is more readily available. These are things I cherish here.

The only thing missing is my city life inspiration. Everyday I see and speak with people, in similar situations to my own, who feel like they are losing their identity. With this blog I am aiming to bring a bit of the inspiration back into peoples lives and help them bring some color back into their daily routines. Urban Girl-Small Town World is not only for those ex-city dwellers, but also for those whose small town worlds are the confines of their office spaces, the smallness of their apartments, the limitations of their city blocks.

I love life. It is so short and for me it is really of great importance to live each day to the fullest. Regular trips to interesting cities have now been planned, research about the coolest of the cool is the new routine, and the daily joy of make-up and wardrobe has been re-integrated into our morning madness. In the evenings, after my city infusion, I will come home and gaze at the stars from the comfort of our lounge in the backyard.

So allow me to pack you up a piece of urban spirit in some beautiful scented tissue paper, put it in a heavy paper bag with ribbon handles and bring it to your small town world. Sign up for the weekly postings and get inspired!

Yours truly,



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