Zurich-Niederdorf: My Self-Guided Tour

Zurich-Niederdorf: My Self-Guided Tour

A Visit to Zurich Niederdorf

Zurich’s quaint Niederdorf area is one of the most charming in the city. Since the weather was fantastic and I had an appointment there anyway, I decided to take a self-guided tour to discover some of the great boutiques hidden there.

Firstly I had an appointment at Café Schober, one of the coolest cafés ever. A look into their charming shop with glass vitrines filled with the most beautiful sweet delicacies is only the beginning. The store transforms itself into a sweet little garden with flowers. Take the staircase to the dimly lit salon filled with red velvet chairs and fancy little tables. Continue up to the small bistro complete with palmtrees. And don’t forget to order something…it is all delicious. Here are some pictures of their wedding cakes…amazing….Cafe Schober, Napfgasse 4, Zurich

The first boutique that caught my eye was the Berlin-based label Liebeskind. Known for their handbags, I have never been into one of their boutiques before and thought that now was a good time. I found a very friendly salesteam there who helped me to fall in love with and purchase a new crossbody bag (which fits my camera!). The company also has a clothing line: this season in bright rich colors following the true style of Berlin. Check out some of the pictures for a bit of inspiration. Liebeskind, Münstergasse 21, Zurich

Seriously, what can be better than a boutique filled with lovely accessories? Zurich has a fantastic gem of one in Niederdorf. Roosens, owned by Christine Roosens, is a treasure trove for all who love to adorn their bodies. The first thing that caught my eye is the amazing assortment of interesting buttons, followed by a selection of bright Pashma sweaters. Interesting jewelry, some of it made especially for her store, is carefully arranged in glass vitrines, while the back wall is hung with a selection of beautiful french scarves. I fell in love with a bracelet of green facetted resin…yes, I bought it…Roosens, Napfgasse 5, Zurich

I peeked into Cabaret Voltaire, one of the places where DaDa-ism was born. Worth a visit- here are some pictures for you to see…Cabaret Voltaire, Spiegelgasse 1, Zurich

Realizing that it was almost 1:00, I thought it was time to get a bite to eat. Saftlade is where I stopped and had a nice hummus sandwich chased by a glass of fresh pressed vegetable juice. All organic- check it out: Saftlade, Münstergasse 31, Zurich



One of the coolest shops I visited was TimeTunnel– a time capsule of 20th century artifacts and hair salon all wrapped into one awesome store. Hidden in an old courtyard, lovers of this era will find vintage furniture, lighting, pictures and clothing of excellent quality. The most remarkable thing was their collection of sunglasses in two large glass vitrines. A chat with the owner will give you even more insight into the fabulous life of the items displayed. If you love vintage, then this is your new home. Go there! Timetunnel, Stüssihofstatt 7, Zurich

Having my camera run out of battery power while I was on a roll was the total killer. I went to my backup, the trusty iPhone for further photographic assistance.

My feet were starting to hurt and somehow they automatically walked into this place for a peek. The store is from the Brazilian label Não do Brasil– an ethical shoe company who makes their bright creations from mostly all recycled materials. Many of the items there exist exclusively as a one-of-a-kind piece. This makes a sporty shoe even more special! Chat with their friendly sales representative Chris who will assist you in finding the perfect match for you!  Nao do Brasil, Brunngasse 3, Zurich

By this time it was getting late and I knew the three year old would not be thrilled to be picked up late from daycare. So that ended my tour for that day. I hope you liked it and would love to read about some of the tours or discoveries that YOU have made! Please feel free to post about it here! 🙂

You’ll see more from me soon! All the best to you!


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